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3 Benefits You Can Expect From Your Dental Implants

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Getting a dental implant is a big decision, so before deciding if you genuinely want them, you better know how the procedure works and all the benefits you can obtain from them.

A dental implant is a high-tech tooth replacement that closely resembles the original tooth structure. A titanium "root" is tightly implanted into the bone to support a crown, bridge, or denture. It has a natural tooth appearance and feel function and can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Dental implant technology has become the most known tooth-replacement solution because of its advantages over earlier treatments. Besides, with modern innovations in dentistry, most patients can benefit from them.

There are many known benefits of dental implants; for example, they look like natural teeth, they are long-lasting, easy to care for, due to their resemblance to natural teeth, you won’t have problems eating what you want and compared to the costs of other restorations they are highly cost-effective.

But today, we want to highlight three other benefits that we rarely see when we read about dental implants. In our experience at the clinic, we have seen that one of the most important benefits a patient can have are:

Improve Appeareance

Having dental implants can preserve and even restore your facial structures. Loss of teeth can lead to bone resorption, but implants can prevent this. Therefore, facial appearance is often improved.

Even if you get only one tooth replaced, the long-term appearance is preserved better with an implant than with other tooth-replacement methods. Moreover, implants can help keep your lips and smile attractive and young. When many teeth are missing, wrinkles around the mouth may form, and the bottom portion of the face may gradually collapse owing to bone loss. These issues can be substantially eliminated with implants.

Increased Confidence

A failing tooth, a bridge, or denture which is visible or loose, can make people feel embarrassed, afraid, and reluctant to smile properly.

Keeping your natural teeth for life is the ideal scenario. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone, so when tooth loss occurs, dental implants can give you back the ability to eat, speak and smile with renewed self-confidence and satisfaction. If implants are well cared for, and the bone they are fitted to is strong and healthy, you can expect them to last for many years.

Your Dentures Will Fit Better

Avoiding cigarettes is crucial to having good health overall. When it comes to dental implants, smoking can compromise the rate of healing after surgery. Likewise, In the long-term, the effects of tobacco on your teeth can range from gum disease to developing periodontitis, which can then lead to tooth loss.

We understand is not easy to quit smoking, but if you want to take care of your dental implants, you can start by making some adjustments to your lifestyle. For example, to avoid the need of smoking, you can stay away from people and places that act as triggers. You can also start to hang out with non-smokers or try to exercise to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Taking care of your dental implants is crucial to their performance and durability. If you take care of them, you can significantly transform your quality of life.

If you are looking for a partner you can trust for your same-day implants, we highly recommend you get to know more about Dr. Miguel Asenjo. Miguel is a master of neuromuscular and robotics dentistry. He has a Master's in complex oral rehabilitation and robotics dentistry. Likewise, Asenjo is the pioneer in Same Day Permanent Teeth in the Dominican Republic with IHDE one-piece dental implants and G-Cam Graphene.

In Miguel Asenjo's one-visit dentistry, we care about your overall dental health, and we work overnight to ensure you obtain a healthy, beautiful, and sustainable smile. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are here to assist you. Your journey to a healthy and beautiful smile begins here!

All the best,

Dr. Miguel Asenjo Master in Complex Oral Rehabilitation and Robotics Dentistry Asenjo One Visit Dentistry +1-809-383-2410

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