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Losing A Tooth Is Not Fun, And You Should Not Ignore It

Missing one or more teeth in the back of the mouth might not be a problem for many people because they are not visible when they smile.

But that belief can lead to irreversible damage to their teeth alignment and overall dental health.

I always share with patients the importance of looking for tooth replacement options, no matter if it is a front or back tooth. What they usually neglect is that if they avoid replacing the missing piece, they could face dental problems such as:

Missing teeth can develop gum disease: when you lose a tooth, you will have a wound in your gum tissue, which means you are at a much higher risk of developing a gum infection or gum disease.

Your teeth can shift out of alignment: losing a tooth will leave you with a large gap between the adjacent teeth. Over time these adjacent teeth will begin to lean or shift into that gap which could cause a domino effect leading to misalignment, more decay, and tooth loss.

You will lose bone mass in your jaw: it’s hard to realize it, but your jawbone needs stimulation to maintain its mass and shape. The surrounding bone loses mass when a tooth is lost because it no longer receives the necessary stimulus.

I always tell my patients that losing a tooth is something they should take seriously. So, whether you have dental problems or recently lost one or more teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll be glad to assist you and help you recover your smile.

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