IHDE One Piece Dental Implant

This implantology was founded in Switzerland. It is based on a Cortico-Basal technology, using one piece or single piece implants. This means that there is no gap or joint between the implant and the abutment, which also translates to a lower possibility of producing peri-implantitis.

Asenjo Dentistry.

Your oral rehabilitation will be made in G-CAM Graphene, which is a lightweight, elastic and biological material. We do not work with zirconia, porcelain or metal-ceramic. 

Note: our job is to deliver a correct treatment and always give our best to the patients. It is not our job to refund money. Please read carefully this information and sign below if you agree to having the treatment. 


If you are a dentist and do not know the technique, please refrain from making comments or procedures that alter the treatment you are observing. You are seeing a patient who has been treated with a system of implants that are not of the conventional type. They are strategic implants from the basal implantology, which has a scientific basis and a different clinical applicability from the ones you might know. Its principles are also based on the fracture reduction contemplated by the association for osteosynthesis of orthopedic surgeons since 1958. 

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